Why your baby makes those noises when breathing

Usually, the noises that the newborn makes when breathing originate in the nostrils, because its nasal cavity is tiny and when the air passes through it, it causes a kind of turbulence.

They are normal in babies

If the little one also has boogers, the noise is assured. The appropriate thing in this case, to breathe more easily, is to remove the mucus that you have on the outside with a very soft handkerchief, clean the pits with physiological serum or a nasal water nasal spray (100% natural) every time It is congested and keep you semi-incorporated, not lying down at all.

And when sleeping?

First time parents often miss another sound: their baby’s snoring when sleeping. It is caused either by the mucus or because the soft palate produces vibrations inside the mouth, so that at the bottom of the throat a kind of echo is generated or, what is the same, snoring. The mattress of his crib by the headboard area will help the child to breathe better and in a quieter way.

He also does them when mom

It is also normal for the little one to emit strange sounds when he sucks very quickly. It happens because swallowing so fast keeps breathing a few seconds and when you resume it, by the retention of the air itself, it does it in a more audible way. That is why it is not convenient to delay your mealtime, so that you eat without craving and breathing well.

A kind of twitter

Sometimes, after taking the baby, the baby may start to emit a strange sound, like a twitter. If it happens it is because he has run out of some milk in the airways. The usual thing is that it happens immediately, do not be overwhelmed.

Other usual noises

Hiccups are another fairly common noise in babies. It is caused by irritation of the diaphragm, the muscle that separates the abdomen from the chest and regulates the amount of air that enters the lungs.

To relieve a baby’s hiccups (although it is not bad or annoying for him) you can breastfeed, change his position or sneeze by tickling his nose.

What if he sneezes?

That newborns sneeze often is also normal, and not because they necessarily have a cold. They do it as a defense mechanism to clear their nostrils of substances that bother them or that can become harmful to their health, such as dust, lint, mucus and even aerosols that we do not appreciate, but are in the environment , such as lacquer or deodorant. All these sounds, so common in the first months of the baby, are unimportant and disappear over time, as the child grows and his body matures.

Cases to go to the ER

These symptoms indicate that the child does have trouble breathing well and that he must be taken to the emergency room immediately:

  • Breathe so fast that it is suffocated (in children so young, 60 breaths per minute is normal).
  • Their nostrils widen each time the child inhales air (nasal flutter).
  • Complains when taking and releasing air, as if something hurt.
  • Notes that nails, skin or lips are bruised and not cold.
  • The mucus is so thick that it has completely plugged holes.
  • He has more than 38.5ºC of fever and does not lower him.
  • When breathing , the ribs are marked and the veins in the neck swell.

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