Remedies to sleep problems of babies and children who have a solution

One of the biggest concerns of parents of babies is that their children do not sleep. Rest is essential for the proper development of children as well as helping parents’ moods a lot. If your child sleeps, you rest and face every day with renewed energy and much better humor. We give you solution to several sleep problems of the little ones so that you can rest the whole family.

Baby who has inverted sleep

In their first weeks of life, many babies wake up several times at night or have a hard time falling asleep, while in the day they sleep soundly. It is completely normal and has a clear explanation: as in the womb there is no day or night, the baby, at birth, does not distinguish between them.

Generally, around 2 months your sleep patterns will begin to establish a relationship with the light-dark cycle and by 3 or 4 months your brain will be mature enough to adapt to them, so the situation will begin to change.

What can you do

The first thing is to respect his natural rhythm, he will gradually regulate himself. But you can implement some guidelines to facilitate adaptation later, when you are ready.

  • During the day, take your crib to the living room, so that you get used to the exterior clarity and the usual noises of the house. At night, transfer it to the bedroom, which has to be completely dark and silent.
  • Try that the night shots are different from the daytime: give them in dim light and do not lengthen them. During the day, take more time and end them with games, cuddles, songs … So you will notice the difference between night and day.
  • Introduce a good night ritual in your day, which will make the difference between wakefulness and rest (bathing, the last shot, a babysitter …). This routine, which should always be the same, provides you with security and facilitates the reconciliation of sleep. That is why you must keep it, with some variations as it grows, throughout its childhood.

The baby cries before falling asleep

Around 4 or 5 months, many babies cry a few minutes before falling asleep. This behavior, which sometimes lasts a long time, is due to the fact that crying is a way to release nerves and tensions and helps them calm down and fall asleep.

What can you do

When he cries, he stays by his side until he calms down and falls asleep. If you see that it helps to caress or speak softly, do it. Babies get very nervous when they cry and don’t care for them, and this makes it harder for them to fall asleep even more.

The baby that stands up again and again

Between 18 and 36 months, children have a hard time separating from their parents, being left alone, facing darkness, moving from activity to rest (especially if he is a very nervous or sensitive child), enduring the desire to keep playing … So, if your child gets up and out of bed again and goes out to the living room, or asks for a glass of water you should not be surprised.

What can you do:

  • Explain that there is a fixed time to go to bed. Despite his protests, this will make him feel loved and protected, which will favor his sleep.
  • It will also be great for you to start a routine at the end of the afternoon based on quiet activities that mark the passage from day to night and help you relax: read stories, look at photos…
  • Give him a glass of milk: he has Tryptophan, a natural substance that induces sleep.
  • Leave your bedroom door open and the hall light on, so you feel less isolated. And leave an object that keeps you company, like a stuffed animal.
  • Devise a plan between you and dad and follow it closely. For example: you cannot get out of bed more than once. The next attempt you will stay with him, by his side, doing something relaxed. When you get tired it will be the father’s turn. So you will get used to that once you have to lie down you have to stay in bed, but you will do it in a calm and relaxed way.

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