Remedies to sleep problems of babies and children who have a solution Part 2

Baby who only sleeps in his arms

During pregnancy, the baby fell asleep with the gentle sway of her mother’s movements and the sound of her heartbeat. Once you reach the world, being in the arms of a mom or dad and being rocked helps you remember this pleasant situation, so many babies just fall asleep.

What can you do

Sleeping in your arms is not negative for your baby; on the contrary, it makes him feel loved and protected. But if he already has several months, he only manages to fall asleep and you want him to learn to fall asleep without your help, you can put into practice a gradual plan. The key is to do it very calmly, respecting its rhythm and showing that you are there when it needs you. One that usually works:

  • Measure him before bed, but start leaving him in the crib just before he falls asleep at all. Stay by his side and if he asks you to shake his hand, caress him …
  • When he has accepted this step, at the moment he claims you replace that physical contact with a verbal contact: sing a short babysitter, talk to him in whispers …
  • Some time later, she begins to emerge from the bedroom just after put him to bed, leaving the door open. Dedicate yourself to your tasks, but return to the room every few minutes to see how it is. Thus, listening to you and seeing you from time to time, you will avoid feeling abandoned and end up falling asleep alone.

The multi-month baby who still asks for the night shot

At 7 months, many babies have already stopped taking the night, but others still claim it. The reason is that each child follows their rhythm when adopting sleep and eating habits.

What can you do

First, take the situation calmly: sooner or later, your body will get used to making a longer sleep at night, without the child waking up to eat. Some guidelines to favor it:

  • Try to prolong your nighttime sleep, delaying the time to give him the cereal porridge he takes at night.
  • Another idea: forward the cereal porridge for dinner a little and, just before sleeping, give it a shot of milk. This will hold more time at night without waking up.

The baby that is revealed when you leave the room

“My 9-month-old baby, before, fell asleep without problems, but for a few days he cries and reveals himself when he sees that I leave his bedroom,” says a mother. This situation is very common in the time of fear of separation. The little one cries because he already feels that he is a person different from you but he still does not understand that you still exist when he does not see you.

What can you do

It is essential that I now notice you very close and that he feels supported by you. If you give him security and confidence, he will overcome this fear of separation.

  • For the day do not force him to be in the arms of strangers against his will. On the other hand, if you are at home and go to a different room, leave the door open and talk to it from where you are. Also, play cuckoo-back with him, to teach him that even if he doesn’t see you, you still exist.
  • At night, when you lie down, explain what will happen: “Now you stay in the crib, sleeping, and mom goes a little while in the living room.” If when you’re gone he claims you, comfort him again and stay with him for a while.

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