How to prevent the baby from being startled

When a baby is born, everything is strange. And it has been 9 months inside his mother, where all the sounds and sensations were different.

It is logical that at first the baby gets scared

When the baby leaves the body of his mother, he stops feeling the limits of the place where he is and this produces an unpleasant feeling of insecurity, that “he is going to fall” (so he often flinches, especially while sleeping ). In addition, the light and sounds that are not yet accustomed bother him and the temperature change between the maternal organism (36 ºC) and the outside (about 24 ºC) makes him feel very vulnerable and unprotected.

To all this the maneuvers of the doctor are added, the contact of his skin with the clothes, the transfer from one room to another, the sensation of hunger, that he does not know … With this accumulation of new sensations, the strange thing would be that the Newborn will not startle often.

Measures for the baby to be calm

For all this, during the first three months of your child (it is what babies usually take to feel fully at ease in the outside world), you should take care of them with special delicacy. This does not mean that you put it in a glass bubble, but it does take certain precautions in your usual dealings with it:

  • Take him and leave him in the bassinet or in the stroller with gentle movements. If you do it very quickly, it will feel empty and will be very scared.
  • Take it as soon as you claim it, so you don’t get anxious. From 3 or 4 months you can get used to a less overwhelming schedule, but for now it is he who commands.
  • Do not quickly move from a dark room to another that has a lot of light.
  • Also avoid sudden changes in temperature and air currents.
  • Do not put the TV too high when he is in the living room.
  • Dress him with clothes of natural fabrics, such as cotton, that do not rub or oppress him and allow him to move at ease.
  • Lie him in a bassinet or in a crib, instead of in a large crib. Being a smaller space, you will feel more secure.
  • Do not let people wake you up to see the color of their eyes or allow them to pass it on to each other.

Your arms comfort the baby

Until your child controls his body better, he needs to take refuge in your arms, which counteract the effects of gravity and offer him affection and protection (if you risk releasing him, he will open his arms and legs in an attempt to grab you to avoid fall; it is the so-called Moro reflex ). He also likes that you rock him, because the sway reminds him of his intrauterine life, when he was constantly cradled by your movements, and also helps him develop a sense of balance, which he still has very immature. If you curl up against your left shoulder, better, because feeling your heart beats, which are familiar, gives you calm and security.

For all this, take your child as much as you want (until after the first year there is no risk of spoiling him), but yes, when you are calm. The skin is the most important organ in the transmission and reception of emotions and if the little note that you are at ease, it will not take long to feel like you: relaxed, happy and oblivious to the scares.

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