How much water does a baby have to drink and what kind

Before 6 months, your baby will not need to drink water while drinking exclusively milk, since it provides the hydration you need. Offer it when you start giving porridge and mash, but don’t be overwhelmed if you refuse.

Until 6 months, I better drink milk

The World Health Organization recommends exclusive breastfeeding up to 6 months. Consequently, the advisors of the Breastfeeding Committee of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics advise not giving water to babies fed to the breast until that age, for two reasons: because they still do not need it and because drinking water can cause them to breastfeed less and decrease the nutrients they take.

As for those who are fed with formula milk, their water needs are also covered with the bottles, although these babies may need water between the shots before 6 months in some situations: for example, when suppressing the nighttime intake; or if the child is with gastroenteritis (vomiting, diarrhea, although in this case it is convenient to give serum); or when it is very hot, with a fever or is in a place with very high heating (remember that at home it is advisable to keep the temperature at 20 ºC and with a good level of humidity).

What type of water is best for the baby

• From the tap. You can give it if you have guarantees of its drinkability, it is not excessively fluoridated and the channeling is adequate (no lead pipes). Boil it for a minute, no more, because it would concentrate too much, and let it cool.

• Packaged. Natural mineral water is the best option and you don’t need to boil it. Make sure it is of weak mineralization (it will be indicated on the label, it will be “suitable for infant feeding”). It must be low in sodium (less than 25 mg / L), in fluoride (less than 1 mg / L) and in nitrates (less than 50 mg / L). It should always be the same.

When to start offering water to drink

However, it is possible that before the sixth month the pediatrician, who is the one who should monitor the changes in your child’s diet, tells you to start giving him gluten-free cereal porridge and then fruit and vegetable purees. When starting this semi-solid diet, it is convenient that you offer a few sips of water to your little one, with a glass or in the bottle, when you think she is thirsty.

Of course, not too much because it could cause stomach pain, starvation or even (although it is rare), cause an imbalance in the balance of electrolytes, when the concentration of sodium in your body is diluted.

And if he doesn’t love her, should I worry?

No, do not worry. You don’t really need it yet, since until you reach 12 months you will continue to drink more than half a liter of milk a day (87% of the milk, both breast and formula, is water), in combination with the complementary diet, which It also provides you with water from fruit juices and fruit and vegetable purees.

In the following months offer it in case you want it (if you are constipated, drinking water will help to alleviate this problem). And if you do not accept it, calm down, there are children who do not start drinking water until they are about 1 year old, especially those who breastfeed.

A curiosity

The breast-fed baby may breastfeed by hunger or thirst. In the latter case, he does it after hours, takes only a little bit from the chest and releases it. And in the other chest, the same. And it is that the milk that comes out at the beginning is more watery and light and calms thirst more.

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