Breaking waters: this is how the delivery takes place after the bag breaks

From the 38th week of pregnancy your baby can arrive at any time so you must be prepared and have everything ready to give birth to the hospital. Not all pregnant women break water at home , but the bag is broken in the hospital once they confirm that the birth has begun.

If the breakage of water catches you by surprise, the first thing you should do is keep calm. Usually, once you break waters, you have time to review that you have everything ready and pack with the things you will need. Take a shower and wash your hair, if you want, hot water will help you relax, but don’t bathe or even think of putting on a tampon. Once the membrane is broken you should be careful that no liquid or object enters your vagina , since when the protective layer is missing the baby could catch an infection.

You can eat or drink something light (light, huh ?, no fat). A little honey dissolved in milk or infusion will do well, you will make a great effort and you will need this glucose supply. While you wait to be picked up, try to relax. Lie on the left side if you already have contractions, and they are painful, walk so that the baby fits … Before leaving your home, put a small towel or a compresses to not feel uncomfortable before the liquid comes out.

Arrival at the hospital for delivery

When you arrive at the hospital you will follow the normal process of childbirth. If there are contractions, these will be more and more followed, prolonged and intense, until finally the baby leaves. And if there are none, in most hospitals they cause delivery by administering oxytocin before 24 hours have passed since the bag ruptures , given that there is a certain danger of infection. Above all, do not be overwhelmed, your son will be born.

What if you break waters before week 34?

In 2% of cases the bag is broken before 34 weeks of gestation. It can be a fissure (a drip), which could be closed again, or a break, with abundant fluid leakage. In any case, since the baby is premature, doctors will try to prolong the pregnancy and take measures to protect it.

Since the baby is not mature enough and has lost the sterile chamber that protected it, doctors will give you an antibiotic to prevent infections and control that they do not occur.

On the other hand, as the baby’s lungs in this week are not yet fully mature, it is very likely that you will be given sterocorticoids (in injection) to help them mature more quickly. You may be prescribed hospital admission.

And most likely, when you reach 34-36 weeks of gestation you will be induced to give birth.

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