Baby with granites what are they?

The baby’s skin right after birth is very delicate and you have to be especially careful with it. Follow the instructions of the health personnel to the letter and do not panic because it is more prone to rashes. If one day you discover that your child has granites, calm, they are not usually serious. Learn to identify them.

Why are baby granites?

One expects that, at birth, your baby will have the softest and smoothest skin in the world, and many times it is, but since this skin is very delicate and more prone to rashes than ever , it is likely that any day you will discover that your child has granites

There are cases (few), in which you must alert yourself. “For example, lumps below the skin (particularly at the level of the middle area of ​​the skull or face, or on the spine); also granites with wound, that bleed or are infected, and those that do not disappear in a few days or weeks and that are accompanied by other new injuries, ”says Dr. Angela Hernandez, pediatric dermatologist.

However, in most newborns these granites are completely benign and disappear in a few weeks, spontaneously.

Three big guys

There are three major types: the granites caused by acne , the granites that have their origin in sweat and the toxic erythema that is a benign skin rash .

There are other types of disorders related to viruses or bacteria, such as chicken pox, measles and other rashes that appear as blisters, such as neonatal herpes or impetigo .

We explain in this report why each of these rashes on the baby’s skin arises and what is its treatment and evolution.

Caused by neonatal acne

Some babies are born with them, but they usually arise during the second or third week of life and usually affect boys more than girls.

As they are

Small red and white pimples full of water that appear mainly on the cheeks, although in some children they can appear all over the face. You will see them as a rough red rash, they do not hurt, itch or bother and are not associated with breastfeeding or any food the mother has eaten.

Why do they arise?

By the stimulation of the sebaceous glands by the maternal hormones (transmitted through the umbilical cord during pregnancy). Do not get overwhelmed, they will disappear spontaneously in a few weeks, when the baby’s hormonal levels drop.


It is contraindicated to squeeze or rub the pimples, you could hurt and hurt the child. “It is not necessary to perform any type of treatment or use lotions or oils. What you can do is wash your face with soap and water for babies . And if a moisturizer is used, it should not be too fat so as not to contribute to the clogging of the pore, ”explains Dr. Hernández.

Granites caused by infant acne

The difference with the granites of the newborns is that they appear at 2-3 months of life and can remain for a year and a half.

As they are

In addition to the typical reddish and watery pimples, black and white spots appear , much like teenage acne, almost always on the cheeks.

Why do they arise?

It is not well known, but it seems that genetics has a lot to do, since pediatricians have observed that infants with infant acne have a family history with severe cases of acne.


“Neonatal acne resolves spontaneously and does not need treatment, but infant acne can be persistent and leave a scar, so sometimes the pediatrician usually prescribes creams with benzoyl peroxide (reduce bacteria) or erythromycin (antibiotics that reduce inflammation ), and only in very severe cases are oral antibiotics prescribed, ”explains pediatric dermatologist Marta Feito.

Granites caused by milia

You can see them during the first weeks of the baby’s life. They open and disappear when the child is 1-2 months.

As they are

They look like pearls, they are tiny white or yellowish grains (1 to 2 mm in diameter), they sprout on the face of 40% of newborns (in very rare cases, on the penis and legs). They remember pimples, although they are much smaller, and not infected. They usually appear on the nose and cheeks, but also on the forehead and chin.

Why do they arise?

By the clogging of the pores, caused by the skin’s own secretion. When this milia comes out in the gums and palate, it is called Epstein pearls; They are also harmless and disappear by the third month.


Do not apply any cream or ointment, they disappear in a month and leave no mark.

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