3 postures to sleep well in pregnancy

Obstacles to a good dream in pregnancy

During pregnancy, when the woman’s body begins to change, the first discomforts to sleep appear: heartburn, discomfort, cramps, concerns about how the baby will be better …

If pregnancy takes place normally and the woman is used to sleeping in a specific way (and it is difficult to fall asleep changing it), she can sleep in any posture. If you suffer any alteration of the blood circulation that affects the baby, you will feel uncomfortable and unconsciously change your position.

However, we have asked Dr. Jose Luis Prieto, gynecologist at the Hospital Nuestra Señora del Rosario, which are the best positions for the pregnant woman to achieve a healthy rest for both her and the baby. And he has recommended three.

The best posture: sideways

Preferably, lying on the left side. This is the best posture for the baby, since on the right side is the vena cava, the largest in the body, through which an important blood flow circulates. When lying on the left side we avoid the pressure of the body weight on this vein, favoring the blood supply to the placenta and providing more oxygen and nutrients for the child.

With a cushion: before the cramps

Sleeping on your side and with a pillow or a cushion placed between the legs is the posture that experts advise in those cases in which the pregnant woman presents a problem of cramps or tiredness in the extremities.

High: good digestions

In the event that the pregnant woman has heavy digestions or is having a cold that makes it difficult for her to breathe well, Dr. José Luis Prieto advises her to sleep with the trunk slightly elevated. To achieve this, you can place a cushion under the pillow or even between the bed base and the mattress.

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